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Five Reasons To Own Your Favorite TV Series On (Discount) DVD

Owning television shows on DVD can be a very gratifying experience, and compelling enough to seek out the best possible deals. Are you tired of waiting for your favorite episodes to show up on TV? Is your rented digital video recorder (DVR) beginning to run out of storage? Are you looking for low-cost alternatives to expensive family entertainment? Those reasons and more may justify your discount DVD binge buying. If you need further convincing, consider these five advantages further:

1. No More Waiting or Missing Episodes

How many times have you wished for a favorite TV episode to be aired on television at your own convenience? Even if the television show is popular and is currently in syndication, there is no guarantee that your favorite episode will be broadcast at all. Missing episodes are not uncommon in syndication.

Several reasons may prevent an episode from being aired, including offensive content or even legal or licensing issues. In many cases, these issues will be ironed out and included in a DVD package, while those episodes may never be shown on TV. Rather than waiting and hoping the episode you're dying to watch will be shown in syndication, why not own the series on discount DVD?

2. Storage Problems Resolved

Maybe you rent a DVR from your local cable company and you've been recording your favorite shows regularly. These devices are great but they do have limited storage capabilities and you will lose your content when you turn in the box or switch cable companies. Also, if you lose power during recording, you're out of luck, and the episode may be incomplete.

Even if you rent your DVR machine indefinitely, you may eventually run out of internal storage. This will force you to delete TV episodes that you might want to save and watch over again. Own your favorite television shows on discount DVD and the problem is solved.

3. Family Entertainment for Cheap

If the cost of weekly movie tickets has put a dent in your budget, it may be time to rethink your entertainment plan. Old school discount DVD collecting is often more affordable than other entertainment options. Even digital subscription services can be expensive, and you may incur data charges as well.

Building a TV series DVD collection (at discount prices) can save you money on family entertainment and on TV snacks, too. In most cases, you can prepare healthy TV snacks at home, often at a fraction of the cost of concession snack prices.

4. Reinforce Family Ties

Are you looking to drag the kids away from their cell phones and video games? Begin a family tradition by watching classic television shows together. Buy your favorite classic TV series on discount DVD and help bring the family together.

DVDs can be great conversation starters that help you communicate and bond with your children. Family DVD series include genres like comedy, drama and animation. You can choose DVDs to entertain and educate your kids, as well as family oriented shows for all ages.

5. Enjoy Bonus Features That Haven't Been Aired

Many TV shows on DVD include special bonus material. If you're a fan of a particular TV series, chances are you'd enjoy seeing interviews and outtakes as well. When you find these DVD packages at a discount price, all the better.

Many DVD sets include bonus disks that feature interviews with actors, directors, producers and creators, as well as behind the scenes clips and "goofs". If you've wondered about the production end or creative process, insight may be provided. Sometimes the extra material also includes a bonus digital format disc, allowing you to view the content on your computer.

Build your DVD TV series collection one set at a time. Whether you choose to buy from private sellers, sites like, or discount video stores, you have options. Brand new or previously viewed, you needn't pay full price to enjoy quality entertainment at home.