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Stand-Up Comedy Documentary: Great First Date Setting

If you are trying to decide on the right thing to do on your first date with someone, then you may find that taking them to watch a stand-up comedy documentary may be a great idea. There are three big reasons why this type of film can give you a fantastic first-date atmosphere that can help you to get a second date. Here are the three things that make this kind of documentary a good choice for the first date.

1: Show you have a good sense of humor

When two people go on a first date, it can be very easy for one or even both of them to appear very closed off. If someone goes by the way another person acts on a very first date, then there may not be another date, especially if the person is shy, a bit guarded, or even just feeling out of their element.

The environment in which the date occurs can help both parties to come out of their shell faster and show more of their personality. This can help both of the daters see that they may be a good match once they get to know each other. Seeing a stand-up comedy documentary will create a first date where there will be many moments of laughter that will open both daters up and make them more comfortable.

2: Have serious moments

Even though humor is great for making both people feel more comfortable with one another, a first date full of nothing but laughter can end without a second date. If each party feels they laughed the whole time and never learned anything about one another, then there may not be a strong enough connection made to get that second date.

With a documentary, there will be plenty of moments in the film that allow both people to talk a little or at least whisper back and forth. After having some laughs, they will find talking much easier to do.

3: Have plenty to discuss

The benefits of seeing a stand-up comedy documentary don't stop once the film does. In fact, this kind of film is fantastic for giving two people on a first date plenty to chat about after. You'll find that most of that first date awkwardness won't seem to be there after cracking up with the other person over plenty of good jokes.

You will also be able to discuss your favorite parts of the film, what you found the funniest, and cover other film-related topics that prevent your first date from being filled with awkward silence. Look for documentaries from places like Cooperstown Properties, LLC, to find something good for your next date.