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4 Tips For Taking Your Toddler To The Movies

A trip to a movie theater is a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy. A child's first movie experience in a theater can be a lot of fun if you are prepared. If you're considering taking your toddler to the movies, use the following tips:

Choose the Right Movie

If you want the best experience possible, take your toddler to see an animated movie. Animated films are typically geared towards children and are more engaging for little kids. Depending on your child's personality, he or she may also greatly enjoy seeing and animated movie that is being shown in 3D. Before going to the theater, you may want to show your child the trailers of the animated movies being shown to see which one captures their interest the most.

Have Snacks on Hand

Not only do snacks enhance the theater experience, they can also help a toddler stay in a good mood. Popcorn is the go-to snack when watching a movie, but most theaters have a wide array of concessions available for purchase. Choose a couple of items for you and your child to share, and don't forget to buy him or her a bottle of water or juice to drink during the movie showing.

Skip the Previews

If the animated movie you are seeing is not sold out or very full, consider skipping the previews that are shown prior to the movie. These previews can be several minutes long and many toddlers will not enjoy sitting through them. It may be easier to take your seats just as the opening credits to the movie are being shown-- this can help ensure that your toddler does not become confused by the previews and is able to follow the plot of the animated movie you are there to see.

Go to an Early Showing

Many toddlers feel their best in the early part of the day when they are fully rested, so try to take your toddler to an early showing of the animated movie that you have decided on. Another benefit of early showings of an animated movie is the fact that there are usually a lot of little kids in attendance, so no one is likely to mind if your toddler is not completely quiet and still. But don't be afraid to leave the movie if needed-- if your toddler has a melt down or tantrum, it is best to remove him or her from the theater.